Smartphone Reviews: iPhone X

There is always so much hype and excitement when the latest iPhone is announced. And in the past year, Apple did not disappoint. Not only did they announce new phones, but they had three distinct models for fans to enjoy! We had the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X come out at the same time! Quite an upgrade for those who wanted to get a new iPhone.

So what of the iPhone X – or ten as it is pronounced? It is the great smartphone it was made out to be? It cost $1000 at the time of release and new models are not much cheaper. It is even more expensive in other parts of the world! Is the phone worth that cost? Is it a game changer? Our six-month review helps you take a look at the iPhone X after the hype has died down.


The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever. And it is with good reason. It features a high resolution, OLED screen that is a vast improvement on any iPhone display we have seen before. It is even better than what you are getting with the screens on Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

Another new feature in the phone is the face scanner. Instead of having a fingerprint sensor, you have a Face ID technology that will unlock the phone after detecting that you are the one who is holding it!

There is no more home button, which may shock some people. But it is no issue. The bezel-less design means you get a much bigger screen in a similar footprint to older iPhones. And you get gestures – lots and lots of gestures!

Does it Hold Up?

With many months since release, the iPhone X still holds up. It is a gorgeous smartphone that is combined with flawless software. It is the highest end smartphone experience that you can get. $1000 is a lot to spend on a phone, but you are getting the very best with the iPhone X.